Name of Program:
  Indiana Shovel Ready Program    Indiana



Brad L. Moore

Mailing Address:
  One North Capitol, Suite 700
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
  Indiana Shovel Ready
Qualified site designation:
  State Certified Shovel Ready Sites
Geographic service area:
  State of Indiana
Year program created:
Number of properties/sites certified to date:
Certifying Agency:
Industries or uses for certification:
  Each site must show zoning documentation, but the focus is determined by the applicant. The only stipulation is that residential and retail are not eligible due to the grant portion of the program. A 50/50 match exists from the state up to a maximum amount of $10,000 for hard costs incurred in completing our application.
Criteria or site information required for certification:
  • Zoning
  • Compatible surrounding land use
  • Parcel shape and configuration
  • Size of parcel
  • Utility services available
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Wastewater / sewer
    • Water
    • Telecom
  • Population or workforce base
  • Environmental clearance
    • Wetlands
    • Floodplain
    • Contamination
  • Other
    • Please look at our website for a live link to our shovel ready application along with other useful information on our program.

Time required by the property owner to satisfy the above criteria:
  The application is always available . We strive to have a new round every six months
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