Name of Program:
  Oklahoma Site Ready Certification Program    Oklahoma



Jeremy Zeller

Mailing Address:
  PO Box 26980
    Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0980
  Oklahoma Department of Commerce
Qualified site designation:
  Site Ready
Geographic service area:
  State of Oklahoma
Year program created:
Number of properties/sites certified to date:
Certifying Agency:
Industries or uses for certification:
  Aerospace Park, Business Services Park, Heavy Industrial Park, Light Industrial Park, Mega Park, Research and Development Park, Rural Business/Commerce Park, Warehouse & Distribution Park
Criteria or site information required for certification:
  All of the above are required with the exception that utility services do not have to be at the site, but need to be within 180 days and consultant confirmation from the utilities themselves is mandatory. Not all profiles have the same guidelines. For example, Light Industrial does not consider it a must for rail service, but Heavy Industrial does require rail service. Aerospace obviously requires airport service, but the others do not have that as a requirement. We also request that they submit to Fish and Wildlife and Oklahoma Archaeological Survey a letter informing that they are applying for Site Ready certification and that the site is free from endangered species and that no field inspection is needed. If a field inspection is required, they must have that done before becoming certified. We also require a Environmental Phase 1 Study and if the outcome requires to do so, a Phase 2.

Time required by the property owner to satisfy the above criteria:
  180 days
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